Posted by: UthBuild | September 28, 2009

T-shirt design needed

We need a t-shirt design for our October trip. Please submit your print-ready design by Thursday. I have attached some drawings from Emily if you want to use those ideas and last March’s winning design, Hope. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Posted by: UthBuild | September 28, 2009

March 2009 t-shirt design Hope

hope shirt design black letters red heart march 2009

Posted by: UthBuild | September 28, 2009

Emily’s t-shirt ideas

Thanks to some very generous folks, we have part of the list filled! Thank you!

Attached is an updated list. Thank you in advance for your help!


Posted by: UthBuild | September 26, 2009

October 11-16, 2009 Registration Link

This links to Bethany Community Church’s registration page. They have been kind enough to manage our registrations! Thank you BCC.

Posted by: UthBuild | September 24, 2009

Tools needed list

Here are some needs for UthBuild. Can you help us out?

1. Stanley 50-gallon mobile tool box (any qty, up to 10)
2. Stanley 15-inch SharpTooth 9 pt handsaw (any qty, up to 15)
3. Irwin 15-inch Pro-Touch Coarse Cut Saw (any qty, up to 15)
4. Exterior corner trowel for stucco (up to 2)
5. Entry doors. Slab or pre-framed (any qty, any condition)
6. Double paned sliding windows, 3’x5′ or smaller (any qty/condition. Nailing tabs preferred)
7. Carpenters pencils

We are scrappers. We can make anything work since we build the simple houses from the ground up. We can accommodate strange window sizes and if doors have been drilled wrong for hinges/locks, then we can make those things work, too. Any basic hand tools will be put to use–we have gotten quite familiar with Vaughn hammers after they partnered with us last year. Nice tools make all the difference regarding safety on the build site–if a student has a crummy hammer or saw then they are in much more danger than if they have a quality tool.

We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and can provide a tax-receipt for all donations.

We can’t give a receipt for goods sold to us at wholesale prices, but that’s a good way for the company to come out whole on a product. That’s what we did with Vaughn–employee pricing is half of what we can buy for in the store.

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Medical and Photo/Video release form

Medical and Photo release form for UthBuild and BCC.pdf

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Personal Packing List

UthBuild participant packing list.pdf

Posted by: UthBuild | August 25, 2009

Email post to UthBuild blog

Exploring new ways for finding funds. Any ideas?

I would like to raise $15,000 per year to cover expenses for three homes each year. We have seen this money go a lot further lately, with the economy’s downturn. Last March we turned $5,000 into four homes, and we have yet to finish funding our October build.

Expenses for each week, including transportation, insurance, food, etc., amount to about $1,500.

Anybody want to sponsor a home, or become a monthly giver–maybe you have $10 each month that could go towards these projects? 20 people giving at this level builds one home per year. $25 per month by 8 people builds a home in a year. We’ll supply the labor.

Perhaps you’d like to join us? Please talk to people and get their input as well.


Posted by: UthBuild | August 24, 2009

Slide show of March 2009 builds

Thanks to Chad Houck of Share5 for putting this together. He’s the owner of the 501(c)3 we are housed under. Great family!

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